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About us

The first royal union was established in the Kingdom to manage the Taiba Residential and Commercial Center in the Eastern Tower. The decision of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs No. (29988 / SH) was issued on 06/07 / 1434H corresponding to 03/09/2003. The Eastern Tower No. (1) dated 06/07 / 1434H to be the first official angel association in the Kingdom.


  • Building and strengthening the social relations between the owners in order to ensure good neighborly relations and encourage joint action among them and remove all negatives by appropriate means.
  • Ensure good use and good management and maintenance of the common parts of the property.
  • Ensure the management and operation of apartments in the center according to the highest levels of service to achieve the interests of the owners of residential apartments invested on the one hand and maximize the use of owners of apartments not invested on the other hand.
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The first capital in the history of Islam, and the second holiest Islamic place, dating back 1600 years before the Prophet's migration, was before the migration of the Prophet peace be upon him was called "Yathrib", inhabited by many nations, most famous Amalek, occupies a prominent position among the cities of the Islamic world , And has its sanctity and privacy in the hearts of Muslims, it is the House of Immigration, and the Messenger of God, and the Prophet's Mosque, where it meets historical landmarks and great faith meanings, located in the western part of Saudi Arabia.
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About the Tiba residential and commercial center

Located in the northern part of the central region, the Tiba residential and commercial center (East Tower) is located on a land area of ​​5800 m2 which is considered one of the rarest and most valuable places in the world. It overlooks the northern square of the Prophet's Mosque and is not separated from any obstacles or passages.
And consists of (20) floors, allocated (12) floors of the residential center, which contains (360) pavilions housing ranging between (54) m 2 and (276) m 2 miscellaneous views and components, in addition to (3) (450) cars in addition to the rooms for drivers, and (4) roles of the commercial center, which includes more than (200) shop, providing all the necessary services for the residents and the pioneers.

Features of the Taiba residential and commercial center

    • The Taiba Center was concerned with the details and requirements required to provide modern services in modern buildings and conform to the highest international standards such as:
      • Insulation of ceilings and exterior walls with the use of grills and double glass windows.
      • A central air conditioning system with individual control in each unit.
      • Modern sophisticated security networks and control of the entrances and exits of the building through cameras and guards around the clock.
      • Fire alarm and alarm systems.
      • Airstrip.
      • A private garden for children in the second floor of the tower.
      • Private parking for each apartment.
      • Driver's room for each apartment with a telephone connecting the apartment with the room.
The European Union was established in Saudi Arabia, where it was approved by the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Eastern Tower No. (1) and the date 06/07/1434 AH did the first official angel association in the Kingdom.